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As of March 2014 the tourist visa should cost US and the business/ordinary visa , for one month. If you rent a vehicle in Cambodia the police will try to pull you over.

You may need a letter of invitation or proof of business for the business visa. Ways to avoid this scam: Do you want to pay police bribes? The cops wear light blue, so you can identify them easily.

Although Cambodia ratified CEDAW in 1992, implementation has remained slow until recently.

Since 2001, however, gender equality efforts have been gaining momentum and receiving national endorsement, beginning with efforts to engender the 2003-2005 National Poverty Reduction Strategy (NPRS).

Currently, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (Mo WA) and the Cambodia National Council for Women (CNCW) make up the national machinery for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.

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Some of the fines may be for legitimate law breaking, but the money you pay will go into their pockets. Although a bike lock will be provided when you rent, guess who has a copy of the keys for that and the bike? Their guy simply walks up to the bike, unlocks it and drives away. They may get their medical bills paid for, if they’re lucky, but the price of the stolen bike, normally a rental, often isn’t covered.

Be aware that there is a difference between the traffic cops in blue and the military police in army gear. No reason for bystanders to suspect criminal activity. You think, “maybe she likes me for me, not for money”. We suggest getting insurance that is specifically for travellers, not just the regular policies that tourists going on a package holiday get.

Mo WA also prioritizes CEDAW implementation and mainstreaming gender equality into the general policy framework.

This week people all over the world are marking the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT).

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