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Otomes'' eu (Vampire Gabs), Letícia Santos e Sara Itami viemos com a intenção de entretê-los com um pouco do nosso amor, o mundinho asiático.

Aqui você encontra: Recomendações, resenhas de doramas e live action's, dating games, kpop e MUITO mais.

CASTLE IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW AND BODY OF PROOF IS WORKING ITS WAY UP THERE HAHA. He listens for a moment, unsure if she's in there or left the light on for him to find his way in the darkened, unfamiliar apartment. Pushing it open cautiously, ever-so slowly, he stops cold at what he sees. After nearly losing him in the explosion at the New Amsterdam Bank and Trust, she thinks she knows what she wants. The words bubble up in his throat every time he sees her, threatening to spill over at any minute." A 'what if' scene insert for '47 Seconds'.'She hadn't meant to hear. Castle has been itching to get her out of that sinfully sexy dress, and she wants peel the tux from his body. He grinned and matched her position, halfheartedly trying to hide his excitement that she hadn't chosen to sleep instead. A collection of (somewhat) smutty fics of Chuck and Sarah's love for each other in the bedroom and out. The streets were lively with people meeting in bars and children still playing outside as their parents looked after them. The soft light is hugging her shoulders and the bare expanse of her skin, little shadows are playing on the edges of the light... *New Chapter*She pulled the door open with a harsh jerk of her arm, froze mid stride when she saw him standing on the other side. After a vivid dream, Beckett thinks she's been given a second chance.

I LOVE TO DO SONGFICS AND IM OPEN TO ANY IDEAS YOU HAVE. After a moment of gazing into each other's eyes, Beckett retreats, only to come out of her room and find Castle waiting for her. Will their night together pull them apart or bring them together? And she most definitely hadn't meant to feel her stomach flip, with something like elation, something like hope, and something too much like relief.' Post 3x12, Poof! This is total Smutt and fluff..it isn't your thing back out now. They turn in opposite directions and his skin is on fire, hot annoyance like acid through his veins and - it stuns him - he's hurt. These take place at random times in canon and the future, but will have lots of yummy sensual lovemaking and stimulation. He had his left hand over the right side of his ribs and that was where her eyes drifted to. When she begins to doubt the reality surrounding her, there is only one person she can think of who has come up with crazier things than what she's living through. "She isn't surprised to hear the soft knock on her front door, and she smiles to herself, wrapping the black silk robe a little tighter around her body, making her way on bare feet to answer it. Chapter six has arrived with a hot sports lesson..."Are we going to talk about this?

Se algo acontecer ao Izumi, ele é capaz de ir atrás do infeliz até o fim do mundo, tem como não amar?

Com um pai que é um cantor, uma mãe que é uma estrela de cinema e um irmão mais velho, Shougo, que é o vocalista principal da banda chamada Crusherz, Sena Izumi é um universitário otaku, sendo o único ''estranho'' nascido nesta família de super famosos e talentosos.

Em busca de novos dating games online, não encontrei nenhum, até que pensei que assim como a Beemov tem vários jogos, a empresa de Antic Love deve ter também, nessa busca acabei encontrando o jogo Rising Lovers, que é um dating game assim como Amor Doce e Antic Love!

tem somente 8 episódios traduzidos para português, logo no primeiro episódio você encontra essa figura, que se chama Mero que é a mãe da personagem e é super parecida com a nossa querida Prof.

Roman's caught between the life he lives at home and the life he wants to live with Dean. When Henry found himself yet again without a queen to sit by his side, his search did not go beyond the candidate he had in mind. Modern AU with a teenaged d'Artagnan and lawyers Musketeers. For some reason, d'Artagnan hated talking about or even celebrating his birthday. Despite everything, Randy and Dean both figured out that they were the One for each other a few months ago.Após assinar o documento, você decide se mudar para Xangai e morar neste apartamento, na viagem você acaba conhecendo Caroline, que te convence a seguir o seu grande sonho: Se tornar uma fotográfa e começar uma nova vida em Xangai.Seus pontos de ação são esses na barra rosa, há uma barra verde no inicio que é um bônus para não gastar os PA, a cada diálogo que passa diminuem 10 pontos, por dia você ganha 300 PA às 0hrs no horário de Paris e pode ganhar mais baixando aplicativos ou vendo anuncios. Os olhos da mulher até dou um desconto, pq pode ser o traço do desenhista, mas a mão do cara né, poxa...E também as expressões são bem estranhas, nunca sei se o personagem ta bravo comigo, normal ou feliz. Its genesis is here, in the way Sam and Dean first let their feelings for each other become physical. Sam/Dean, talking dirty, infinitely tender love, and an actual plot that develops into a nail-biting narrative.

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