Dating yamaha flattop guitars

Of all the excellent – and generally unheralded – guitars built by Yamaha over the years, none has achieved quite the legendary status as the Yamaha SG-2000 (SBG-2000), based primarily because of its association early on with Carlos Santana.Most sources cite 1976 as the debut date of this model, however, as usual, there’s more to the story.If you can't get to our shop then fear not, all of our acoustic and electro acoustic guitars are available to buy online with next day UK delivery on orders over £99.Yamaha's F335 gives you that classic dreadnought shape and sound at a price point that won't break your bank.It's smaller than a D-type and bigger/deeper than an OM-type. E" treated/aged, which according to Yamaha makes the top more like it's already been "played in". It sounds great in an amplifier too, although I haven't used in a proper acoustic amp. This puts it in the perfect spot for someone like me, who can only afford and justify having one "proper" flat-top acoustic. I just used an EQ pedal and put it straight into my DV Mark Jazz 12. i always think of yamaha as a sort of can't fail, no brainer recommendation that you'd suggest to anyone but perhaps wouldn't get for yourself. Well, I finally got a decent flat-top acoustic guitar. I work in music retail, and we got one of these in stock earlier this year.I'd never seen it or heard of it, but I instantly loved it. How about putting personality in the player's hand ?

Over the last couple years we have really made a name for ourselves and built a reputation for selling acoustic guitars, this is partly because of our temperature-controlled and purposely spec'd acoustic guitar demo room where you can find many of the finest acoustic guitars available today.By the mid Sixties, the entire world had a fever called Beatlemania, and the only prescription was more guitars.The United States was particularly stricken, and domestic guitar companies struggled to keep up with the increasing demand for anything with six strings.To satisfy customers, particularly those on tight middle class budgets, retailers turned to Asian manufacturers to fill their shelves with affordable, low-cost instruments.The phenomenal increase in demand for guitars was very beneficial to Yamaha.

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