Pretty girl dating ugly guy

But she didn’t project that kind of confidence in her video. On the phone, pressed about why she went through the trouble of posing the POU question if the answer didn’t matter, she said she hoped “to see what people would say,” as if the point of the project were judging Internet trolls, rather than being judged. She said: “Personality is important too.” I asked which was more important. If I’m ugly it’s their fault because they created me.

Wearing a sweatshirt and not much makeup, her younger self looks away from the camera and mumbles a little. Yet when I asked her whether any of the comments stuck with her, she turned thoughtful. Dutifully, she recited, “Personality is what really matters.” Were her parents onboard with the POU video? But I know I’m not because my mom is a MILF and my dad is a DILF.” Talking to this girl didn’t help me get any closer to pinpointing what’s wrong, or right, with the POU videos.

I hate the POU videos, but maybe they’re no more self-destructive than self-destructive things tweens have always done.

We all need validation, we just ask in different ways.

Especially if you're like a lot of us who are not that attractive. In order to be successful in ugly dating, you must not let the illusions of society hold you back.

Our Ugly Dating is geared towards people who may feel unattractive or uncomfortable in their own skin and is designed to help them succeed in meeting others who value genuine personality over outer appearance. Because it is the complete opposite of what society teaches. All around us we see gorgeous people, on television, in movies and magazines. You must not think that you would only be happy with a superstar.

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What if creatively engaging with their insecurities becomes a way of banishing them?

I’m talking about the “comfortable in my own skin – inside out” type of beauty.

However, this confidence shouldn’t be confused with arrogance or entitlement.

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