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I want to know some cool places to see something, eat delicious food, play activities etc in Vancouver, so let me know places you recommend if possible. I came from Japan this year, and working in Manhattan. Hello there, I have been looking for my conversation exchange partner to improve my English skills. If you are currently studying Japanese and also interested in Japan, please content me. I'm interested in Switzerland especially, my dream is to live in Switzerland oneday and be Heidi hehe Hi there! I often go abroad because my family is in over sea so I need English. In return I can help you learning Japanese (and basic Thai if you would like).

I hope to make friends and want to improve my English while enjoy talking:) I can help you to learn Japanese, it's really interesting for me to share our cultures.

If you’re considering private online Japanese lessons, try before you buy.

Meet your new Japanese teacher, discuss what you want to focus on during your online lessons, and then get a taste of your teacher’s lesson content and style.

Special effects are categorized such by type ranging from wigs, sunglasses, hats, distortions, animals etc.

The most fun part is changing the backgrounds however which range from a beach, pool or mountain to classic black or white and sepia.

We are always keen to add new webcams so please do contact us if you know of any that would be good additions.

One way to spice-up web chats is to add special effects to your webcam chats.

It can even be used as a backup video link in the field if a satellite channel goes down.

Web broadcasters can upgrade the quality of their online webinars or AV professionals can even use it to stream content to seminar attendees over the internet.

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