Contract for dating my daughter

Do you have an earring, nose ring, or belly button ring? In fifty words or less, what does LATE mean to you? In fifty words or less, what does DON'T TOUCH MY DAUGHTER mean to you? In fifty words or less, what does ABSTINENCE mean to you? In fifty words or less, what does REAL PAIN mean to you? Church/Temple/Synagogue you attend: ____________________________ 13. How often do you attend: ____________________________ 14.

____ *If you have answered YES to #3, #4 or #5, discontinue application and leave immediately.* 6. ____ *If you have answered YES to #6 or #7, discontinue application and leave immediately.* 8.

My son is a child, and no child should be tortured with thoughts of you harming yourself. My son is involved in school activities, and cannot be with you 24/7. I am a realist, and when my boys get older and find "the one", I want to have a great relationship with my daughters-in law. For a list of my other posts, please visit my Chicago Now page!

If you are truly feeling that way, we want to help you, but please don't use it as a way to get attention or to see how quickly he can drive over to your house. I realize that you have cell phones, but he is entitled to some peace and quiet while he's at marching band practice. I have no daughters, so I find it really refreshing and fun to talk to girls on occasion. on weekends until he is 17, and after that you can have him until midnight. You know, go shopping, have lunch, and even maybe go with her to pick out a wedding dress. Type your email address in the box and click the "create subscription" button.

Appreciate the obligations required to be successful in this market for many my daughters dating black dude years.

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His “rules” sent a clear message: “What my daughter does is her own business, and you’ll answer to, not to me.” As the father of four daughters myself, I found this man’s laissez-faire attitude to be a little unsettling.

The 14 missed calls and 12 texts that show up on his phone make you look like a psycho. Ask me how school is going, or how things are with the family. My son has many plans for his future that depend on his grades. If he hasn't called or texted me, and is more than 5 minutes late, you won't be seeing him for a few days. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

I don't like psychos, and he won't either by the time I am done with him. A couple of my son's "friends that are girls" (Melissa & Rachel...thank you) have even sent me texts in the past, and I LOVE THAT! Therefore, school always comes before dates, phone conversations and even texting. We love including the girlfriends in our family functions, but we can't always do that. I have raised my son to be a gentleman, and therefore, have prepared him to date a lady. I take this rule seriously, mostly because I wait up for him and I'm ready to turn into a pumpkin when the clock strikes midnight.

NOTE – This application will be incomplete and rejected unless accompanied by a complete financial statement, job history, lineage, 4-generation group sheet, and current medical report from your doctor. _____________ I SWEAR THAT ALL INFORMATION SUPPLIED ABOVE IS TRUE AND CORRECT TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH, DISMEMBERMENT, NATIVE AMERICAN ANT TORTURE, ELECTROCUTION, CHINESE WATER TORTURE, AND RED HOT POKERS.

Current temple recommend will be accepted as extra credit. ________________________________________________ Signature (that means sign your name) Thank you for your interest. You will be contacted in writing if you are approved.

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