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The incident is notable because Telegram’s most heavily touted features have been the security and privacy afforded to users.

On the surface, it seems like a typical story of a teenage rebel misunderstood by their parents and the world, seeking inspiration in people who set their own rules.

True, not every teenager dead set on breaking the constraints of society scrambles across roofs and up towers, or runs through restricted areas, building sites, and subway tunnels.

He knew in precise, technical detail how Bogachev had managed to loot and terrorize the world’s financial systems with impunity for years. But Werner had no idea what role Bogachev might have played in the US election hack. A square-jawed former marine, Craig had been an agent for just six months, but his superiors tapped him for the case anyway, because of his background: For years, he’d been an IT guy for the FBI.

Bogachev wasn’t like the other targets—he was a bank robber. One of his nicknames in college was “the silent geek.” While you log into seemingly secure websites, the malware modifies pages before they load, siphoning away your credentials and your account balance.

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