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We invite you to visit often, enjoy your time here and consider becoming involved with our organizations.We welcome donations of photographs, memorabilia and gifts of cash.Incline Village nightlife doesn’t necessarily happen at a certain time – you can start the evening by grabbing drinks with your friends at a bar while listening to a band strum their acoustic guitars.Check out a concert before or after dining at one of the local restaurants.Incline Village nightlife is heavily music oriented, and the area welcomes bands from around the region, state and country to the bars, clubs and casinos during evening hours.

This unique order from the district court means another delay. Years ago, in the now famous “Bakst” and “Barta” cases, the Supreme Court found the County’s 20 Incline Village/Crystal Bay assessments unconstitutional and void.

Fee includes same day roundtrip transportation and one half hour at the destination.

An additional fee of will be charged for each additional half hour.

ALERT: #290 DATE: June 3, 2017 TO: Incline Village & Crystal Bay Property Owners FROM: Village League Tax Revolt Committee A big thank you to those who came to Tuesday’s hearing. Instead of getting a decision, we were ordered to make a trip back to the Supreme Court on a preliminary issue.

It was good to see longtime supporters and interested citizens. Our attorneys came prepared to argue our unresolved grievance over unconstitutional property tax assessments.

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