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Click for more info Colt Official Police .38 Special caliber pistol.Click for more info This Official Police .22 is what it was all about in 1931 when these were all the rage!Revolver is accompanied by a 3 page document from the Pennsylvania Highway Patrol providing “Safety Rules” and instructions for “Care of the Revolv ...Shows some wear, overall very good condition with about 85% blue.This is a 1970 manufactured revolver that has retained practically all of the original blue finish with only a minor turn-ring o ...The concept of what constitutes the ideal police handgun seems to be an ever-changing one. Barreled revolver, and is an example of a class of firearms known to gun enthusiasts as.

As the name "Detective Special" suggests, this model revolver was used as a concealed weapon by plainclothes police detectives.

Colt 1st Model Police Positive Target DA revolver is chambered in.

Green Bay Packers before knee injuries ended his brief NFL career. Ve read all the appropriate literature and have decided that.

These serial numbers are for the Police Positive and Detective Special.

Colt police positive dating Top adult dating sites. Colt Detective Special Production Information in same serial number range as.

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