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If parents limit the child's exposure to religious and moral views identical to their own, the child will see only one option and choose it: she will likely hold the same beliefs when she becomes an adult." In this article, I will address the issue of male circumcision relating to the rights of the child.

(10) Taking into consideration the child’s age, maturity and stage of development, every male child has the right to refuse circumcision.

(l) the need to protect the child from any physical or psychological harm that may be caused by (i) subjecting the child to maltreatment, abuse, neglect, exploitation* or degradation or exposing the child to violence or exploitation or other harmful behaviour; or (ii) exposing the child to maltreatment, abuse, degradation, ill-treatment, violence or harmful behaviour towards another person. In all matters concerning the care, protection and well-being of a child the standard that the child’s best interest is of paramount importance, must be applied. (1) Every child has the right not to be subjected to social, cultural and religious practices which are detrimental to his or her well-being.

(8) Circumcision of male children under the age of 16 is prohibited, except when – (a) circumcision is performed for religious purposes in accordance with the practices of the religion concerned and in the manner prescribed; or (b) circumcision is performed for medical reasons on the recommendation of a medical practitioner.

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