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* This publication supersedes FM 105-5, 31 December 1973. of 2) [1/11/2002 PIVI] FM 25-4 Preface a B D RDL RDL Table of Document Download Homepage Contents Information Instructions Preface The US Army muet be prepared to fight and adiieve victory in combat opera tions conducted anywhere in the world.Itmuatbe ready to defeat modern and well-equipped armiesj aa well as smallj lightly equipped Irregular forces.Training exercises help achieve the high level of readiness needed to defeat the enemy.Moreover, the Army must be prepared to conduct military operations in support of national policy objec- tives through tactical engagements and Icgiefjcal support at any level of intensity within the spectrum of conflict.It must be ready for war in deserts, arctic regions^ jungles, and mountains, as well as in urban areas.Notifications are strategically placed for maximum conversion.The fastest chat engine among all the other dating scripts.

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