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The plaintiff in this case, a social worker, claimed that her rights were violated when she was terminated from a field placement that was part of her MSW program requirements.

4 Recently, I testified as an expert witness in a federal court case that focused on boundary issues in social work.

She will have difficulty being open and vulnerable, taking responsibility, and staying attached in conflict. Protect your teen, and find a way to agree on love and limits. Or, if you can’t listen and understand at the emotional levels your child needs, get your spouse involved in the conversation. This is called triangulation, and leads to all kinds of problems, such as one parent indulging the teen with privileges, freedom, and gifts as a way of stealing the kid’s love from the other parent. Consult a third party — such as a friend, pastor, or counselor — if the triangulation continues.

The other parent reacts by using too much strictness and discipline in order to prove the spouse’s indulgent approach wrong. God designed parenting to be executed by a mom and a dad who love each other, support each other’s parenting, make up for each other’s limitations, and correct each other’s mistakes. So work together to become united rather than divided parents.

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